passing through
by Tom Leonard

Release date: 30th April 2021

Unquestionably, Tom Leonard remains one of the most influential, innovative, and courageous artists in our history. From the publication of Six Glasgow Poems in 1969 until his death in 2018, Leonard changed the course of literary art in Scotland and beyond, producing poetry, prose, and criticism that would develop, challenge, and illuminate the way his readers conceived of subjects such as language, politics, literature, and class.

passing through is, by any standard, a major book – a compilation of work previously uncollected or unpublished, including characteristically beautiful poetry, powerful essays, and perceptive review pieces on artists such as Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, and Norman MacCaig. It is a volume which presents the range of Tom Leonard’s artistry: his deep insight, but also the remarkable subtlety, humour, and empathy that permeates all of his writing.