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The Works In Progress literary community blog takes its name from the musician Tim Buckley's beautiful album of demo's, alternative takes, b-sides, and rarities, released in 1999 (you can read The Common Breath editor Brian Hamill's essay on Buckley here). In the same spirit as Buckley's album, the WiP blog is a place for writers & artists to publish new work as it is created, to have this made accessible online and for free, and to be promoted by The Common Breath, with no concern for 'marketability', or anything similarly demoralizing. The only criteria for inclusion is a level of aesthetic quality, irrespective of how conventional or experimental in nature the work may be. We have no interest in writing to specific themes - artists should be free to create and submit whatever they like.

As of autumn 2020, we now accept submissions of:
- fiction (short stories, 'flash fiction', novellas, novels)
- poetry (all and any form of poetic work)
- essays / articles
- reviews
- illustrated stories/prose pieces
- visual artwork on its own, unadorned by words.

Inclusion in the online blog is the first step towards further opportunities with The Common Breath, as in future we aim to release multiple different forms of publication. You can follow @thecommonbreath on Twitter for frequent updates. If you particularly enjoy any of the blog stories/essays at any time, please tweet @thecommonbreath and let us know!

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