“Clear above the flood I raise my ringing voice. In the disorder and darkness of the night,
in the wind and the washing waves, I shout to my brothers - lost in the flood.”
– Sherwood Anderson

“She was seeking herself and finding herself in just such sweet, half-darkness which met her moods.
But the voices were not soothing that came to her from the darkness and the sky above and the stars.”

– Kate Chopin

There will be 50 copies of each print publication produced. Each one will be numbered.
These can be purchased individually or as the full 'Voices in the dark' set of 8 pamphlets.
More information to follow next month via @thecommonbreath

1st June - Print Publications

The Lady On TV Makes Me Feel Bad
by Brianne Agnizle

Greenock Nine, 1975
by Frankie Gault

by Rachael Fulton

Re: Summary!
by Rodge Glass

The Professional &
Three Tales of Woe at the Love Factory, Kilmarnock

by Heather Parry

by Richard V. Hirst

I am the knife under her mattress
by Lynnda Wardle

The Bricks
by Lynne Hackles

1st October - Print Publications

Black Cat Magic
by Bhavika Govil

The Salvage
by Regi Claire

13th Floor Shaman
by Jacob Louis Beaney

Whatever she does
by Aimee Campbell

May 2021 - Web Publications

Prof &
Staff Curry

by Alom Shaha

Rickle o Bones
by Anna Stewart

Black Spots
by Ian Farnes

Highland Cow / Jack & The Gunman / Ana Casey
by James Hudson

An exotic pond, carelessly curated
by Ady Parkin

When All This Is Over:
Updated Guidelines for Safe Consumption

by Shelley Hastings

by Jo Higgs

Something or Nothing
by Hannah Sutherland

Goodbye Love
by Bechaela Walker

Pieces of String
by Sally O'Reilly

September 2021 - Web Publications

A political education
by Wayne Holloway

Here's to the Hole that Never Heals
by Alice Jolly

Township Journals
by Ethel Maqeda

The Children
by Jerry Simcock

by Liam Murray Bell

Red Milk & other stories
by Angie Spoto

Ready the Heart
by Lynsey May

by Peter Gardiner

The Life and Sulphurous Death of Theo D.
by Wayne Connolly

Commendations for quality submissions:

Neil Campbell, Amber Rollinson, Ivy Ngeow, Tim Bradford, Pascale Potvin, Tania Hershmann, Kira Scott, April Roach, Anna Nazarova-Evans, Jason Jackson, Kate Feld, Rebecca Cook, Cathy Thomas, Kate Chambers, Ruthie Kennedy, Alex Watson, Sarah Ward, Ewan Gault, Eilish Mulholland, Bert Thomson, Theresa Peteranna, Fiona Glen, Alaister Hodgeson, Samantha Priestley, Elisse Sophia Ahmet, Wayne Dean-Richards, Gary Budgen, Craig Angus, Craig Lamont, Ailsa Cox, Joseph Ridgwell, Howard Colyer, Carli Forrest, Alan Gillespie, Katie Piper, Ranbir Sidhu, Scott McNee, Katie Hale, James Scudamore, Mirri Glasson-Darling, Roy (Violette Records), Rose Chen, Jacqueline Saville, Yu Muller, Lucia Osborne-Crawley, Andy Leach, Taylor Burns, Kavan P. Stafford

Special acknowledgements:
Marianne Gallagher, Hannah Scott, and Martin Dowds.