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The House That Fagan Built
TCB Review of Luckenbooth by Jenni Fagan

KA: After all, women having been telling the truth about their lives for centuries. Who cares? The world keeps turning, more or less intact ... click here to read more


A review of David Keenan's Xstabeth

BH: Xstabeth by David Keenan is a novel, but it feels not so much like a story as a dream, or more precisely, a prolonged incantation ... click here to read more

>>> Submitted Reviews

Two books by Semezdin Mehmedinović -

Review by Wayne Connolly

Connolly: As their communities and homes were bombed and shattered, the book was written as a series of fragments - in poems, essays and notes ... click here to read more

Sevastopol by Emilio Fraia -
Review by Madeline Beach Carey

Carey: Both of these people are lonely, seemingly lost and guided only by the will to imagine—the ephemeral hope of stories ... click here to read more

Every Fruit Is a Peach If You Dream About It -

A Review of Lily Wang's Saturn Peach

Martin Breul: Thankfully, 2020 was not just the arbiter of chaos and uncertainty but has also seen some vibrant activity in the poetry community, such as the publication of exciting debut collections ... click here to read more

Sweet Arcadia

The Sea View Has Me Again: Uwe Johnson in Sheerness

John Quin: So where would you go? Imagine being born in Pomerania, 1934, your dad dying in a Soviet internment camp after the war. You’re not a communist ... click here to read more

Richard Cabut's Looking for a Kiss - Reviewed by P.T. Madden
PTM: The book is set in north and south London (with a quick excursion to New York) in the bleak post-punk 1980s. Cabut nails down the Camden street names that can often bring the pain of long lost hangovers ... click here to read more

Poundland Classics: Aleksandar Hemon

by Wayne Connolly

WC: One afternoon I was hanging around in Poundland, as you do when you have too much time on your hands and nowhere in particular to go ... click here to read more

Ghost Stories: Two Novels Narrated by Ghosts

by Jerry Simcock

JS: I’d neither read, nor had I heard of these writers before this year, it’s been great to have found them. They came to me courtesy of lockdown searches for what independent publishers were up to ... click here to read more