- Shorter Fictions -

Thinking these thoughts

That she is here. Lying down. That she is thinking these thoughts. That outside there are cumulus clouds. That every now and then, somebody appears in one of the windows opposite ... click here to read more

A Special Report

Somebody in the high flats launched a big telly out the window during the night. It’d flown through the air and landed right outside the close door ... click here to read more


My first experience of a woman came when I was nineteen. I’d never been interested in girls much when I was at school, and it was the same when I moved to uni halls ... click here to read more

thi waxwurks

had saved ma wages fur six month so ah could take the weans oan hoaliday. We’ve no been onywhere fae afore thur fayther left, an that wuz when they were jist babies. They cannae mind ... click here to read more


For twelve years now I’ve worked in the bank. Took me a while to get a job, but since they gave me it I’ve never looked back ... click here to read more


Never use violence, my mother always said. Only people who don’t have the brains to settle things with words use violence. But if anyone ever hits you, you hit them right back ... click here to read more


Ma girlfriend was fat. Fat an beautiful. A BBW – Big Beautiful Wummin. Everybody always said she’d be stunnin if she jist lost the weight ... click here to read more

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