- Fiction -

The Nightshift

Published: 2016 / Word Count: 4,063
In the end, it was probably right that the first job I got after uni was a nightshift – I hadn’t slept properly in months. Or longer. My old boy done nightshift his whole life ... click here to read more

Mr Summers

Published: 2014 / Word Count: 2,811
I was pulling a cage of frozen food when I thought I saw something happen. A woman standing at the hot beverages section. I dragged the cage into the pet food aisle so it wouldn’t block people’s way ... click here to read more


Published: 2016 / Word Count: 1,653
and I was sittin on the bus on my own near the front bothering no cunt but there was noise just so much fucking noise I had brought a book even though holding it gives me the sore hands and I can never concentrate anyway pointless even trying to on here all this fucking racket ... click here to read more

Morning Bell

Published: 2019 / Word Count: 2,222
The street is long and straight, and when Bell gets off the bus she can see her work in the distance. She watches from the pavement. There are still people hanging round the front door ... click here to read more

Three Literary
Cover Versions

Brian's creative re-workings of three pieces by masters of the short form ... Bukowski, Chekhov, & Baudelaire click here to read more

Vodka Tonic

Published: 2015 / Word Count: 3,539
The first time, I was so small it took both hands to lift my granny’s glass of white wine, cupping round it like when a baby learns to hold its own bottle ... click here to read more

The other side of the door

Published: 2016 / Word Count: 1,172
Looking at the banister that leads me up – is it the same one I grabbed onto with the hands of a boy. I take a hold of it, but that doesny bring anything back ... click here to read more

Scots abroad

Published: 2017 / Word Count: 3,187
There’s fuck all to be done in the waiting-room of a hospital – except think. To sit here, having these same thoughts again and again about how fast things fall apart. How it happens as soon as you start to get comfortable in life, to relax ... click here to read more

Extracts from
The Revellers (a novella)

Year: 2012 / Word Count: 2,603
The three of them climbed the hill and went into the estate. The houses were much bigger, and further from the pavement. Gravel drives wound up through the gardens to the front doors. Philly had no luck in the first hour, he didn’t make it into a conversation ... click here to read more

Selected Short Fictions,
2006 - 2013

A selection from an extended sequence of very short stories, all written in the period stated ... click here to read more

The Snib

Published: 2014 / Word Count: 2,391
My big brother is called Robert, but he’s been The Snib as long as I remember. Mam says he was fine as a baby, sometimes he got a wee sniffle but nothing out the ordinary. He was at school when it started to get bad ... click here to read more