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Why I Love...
Bucket of Tongues by Duncan McLean

Written: 2013 / Word Count: 480

My friend introduced me to this book four or five years ago, and I still read it regularly today. What makes Duncan McLean’s ‘Bucket of Tongues’ a special collection is its great variety – in terms of language, tone, perspective, length, style. ... click here to read more

A Worm's-Eye View
of Gogol's Diary of a Madman

Written: 2018 / Word Count: 2,450

The title of this essay comes from the Russian critic Victor Erlich’s 1969 book, Gogol, in which he states that Nikolai Gogol presents his readers with a “worm’s-eye view of reality” ... click here to read more

On Writing
And Re-Writing

Written: 2014 / Word Count: 1,269

I first started thinking about formulating a clear, regimented approach to writing, for the sole reason that all of my early stories were so awful. Truly awful, and with no exceptions ... click here to read more

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