- Cover Versions -

All These Fake Artists
(a cover of Charles Bukowski)

Willie McTurk was online. He was trying to hook something up for later, hoping to get an arrangement in place before the next appointment was due. His web name was MuffMan ... click here to read more

Local Celebrity
(a cover of Anton Chekhov)

It was twelve o’clock at night. Wee Mikey Kavanagh, excited face and ruffled hair, flew into his parents’ flat and belted round all the rooms. His mam had only just followed his dad on into bed and was still awake ... click here to read more

The Self-Made Man
(a cover of Charles Baudelaire)

I had not moved from my bedroom in weeks or more, save for rushed necessities to the kitchen, the bathroom, but outwith those obligations every moment, waking and sleeping, was being spent gorging on the stack of books I had piled onto the bedside table and the desk ... click here to read more