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Shirley Jackson's "The Witch"
by Ever Dundas

The reader, like the mother, is smiling, nodding along with the old man’s story. Then, in an instant, this normal, ordinary scene escalates into something far more threatening ... click here to read more

Twelve Greatest Short Stories

by Brian Hamill

This is, of course, no attempt at some sort of definitive (or particularly valuable) list – even the most proficient, prodigious reader’s knowledge is only a pinprick on the Venn diagram of the loves of anyone and everyone else who has a similar love of books ... click here to read more

Why no nod from Bob to Salinger?

by Peter Cordwell

YET another lovable – and playful! - side of Bob Dylan is his expansive and invariably colourful praise for fellow artists and influences, from Guthrie to The Kinks (as it says online) and plenty in between ... click here to read more