(Originally published in Scare Devil by Tangerine Press, 2019)

For the past few days at work there’s been an infestation of mites. At first we thought they were termites until someone googled and found that no, it was actually clover mites. Tiny red pin-prick sized spiders. I spotted one on a letter I’d input and flicked it off. The next thing Peter showed me a red smear on his print-out and said, What’s that? Is that blood? They must have found their way into the printer as well. For most of the day we sat itching and scratching. I was convinced they were crawling over my feet as my toes and ankles tingled. Later that afternoon, I went to the staircase to phone my mum and saw 3 or 4 of them crawling around in the inside of the window. The light shining through made them bright orange. ●

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